About Bhutan

Geographically, Bhutan is a mere dot on the maze of world map flanked by world’s largest countries; China to the north and India to its south. The Himalayan kingdom is little over 38,000 square kilometers with total population about 734, 374 people.

The kingdom is better known for its indigenous development ideology of Gross National Happiness (GNH), successful environmental conservation, and rich diversity of culture and tradition. These are unique selling points of the country, fondly known as Drukyuel among its people.

Away from the maddening metropolitan cities, Bhutan is simply a country of villages offering natural healing powers to our valued friends from across the world. With its tourism ideology of ‘High value, low volume’, the kingdom happily honors our guests with authentic Bhutanese products and services.

Bhutan offers a worthwhile opportunities to witness the age-old traditional festivals, watch some of the world’s critically endangered flora and fauna species, experience world’s most adventurous treks, enjoy breathtaking splendors of natural and cultural landscapes. The Buddhist Himalayan kingdom has proven to be the best tourist destination for cultural enthusiasts, biodiversity lovers, adventurers, holidaymakers, scholars, and intellects alike.

As much as we try to draw the picture of Bhutan and her beauties through this literacies of introduction, we wholeheartedly welcome you to come and experience the real beauty, magnificence, romance, aroma, wilderness, and adventures of the Himalayan kingdom.