The tourists are required to pay SDF(Sustainable Development Fund) to Government of Bhutan US$200 per person per day. 50% discount on SDF for children whose age is from 6 to 12 years old. the minimum daily tariff for US citizens laid by Tourism Council of Bhutan is no more but only SDF . Extra cost like flight tickets,hotels,meals,internal transport,visa fee,guide charges are additional. For Once the tour is booked with an authorized tour agency. Bhutan tour agency will make all necessary arrangements before your arrival from USA. Tour agency from Bhutan will communicate to you every detail for your travel to Bhutan from USA.


Tourist Tariff in Bhutan for regional tourists from India, Bangladesh ad Maldives will be charge ₹1,200(SDF US$17 at the exchange rate of ₹72.00 fees for entering Bhutan. 25 percent of the tourism levy of USD 65 per night halt on the regional leisure tourists visiting Bhutan. The fee is called a ‘Sustainable Development Fee’ (SDF).SDF goes directly to the Bhutan government and the government coffers as direct revenue. “Sustainable Development Fees (SDF)” refers to the government levy on all leisure tourists per person per night and is applicable throughout the year.

The Tourist tariff in Bhutan is meant to help the government tackle the sharp rise in the number of tourists in terms of traffic control. It also contributes towards the government’s initiatives regarding the social welfare of Bhutanese citizens, according to the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

According to the Tourism Council of Bhutan’s Annual Report, India is the main source of visitors to the country. India’s share of visitors to Bhutan is more than 69 percent with more than 19 lakh tourists visiting the country. Tourist Tariff in Bhutan was implemented through series of discussions in both houses in Parliament. Tourist Tariff in Bhutan is different from other nationalities.

FAQ’s on New SDF

What is SDF charges in Bhutan ?

Sustainable Development Fees(SDF) is levied by Tourism Council of Bhutan(TCB) to all tourists visiting Bhutan(Except regional tourist). The increased amount from US$65  to US$200 per person per night was to promote sustainable and responsible tourism under principle of “High value, Low volume” tourism.

What included in SDF charges?.

SDF Charges in Bhutan is apllied to international tourist per person per night for adult and 50% discount rate children between 6 and 12 years old. The fund goes directly to government. You need to pay extra for hotels,meals,entrance fees for all places of visit, guide charges and transport including airfare.

Why is the Sustainable Development charges being raised?

Bhutan is first country with carbon negative. The country also sequesters 9.4 million tons of carbon against its emission capacity of 3.8 million tons. With climate change taking place rapidly with glacial melting fast in the hmalayas and  it is important for Bhutan to conserve its environment.

Based on scientific and data calculations, we believe the revided SDF will put us in good direction to maintain climate change and remain carbon-neutral tourism. The SDF will benefit the country for more activities that offset carbon footprint and maintain the carbon sinks in Bhutan by replanting of trees. It will also benefit for Bhutan to reduce the  fossil fuels and enhancing its hydropower capacity and electrifying its transport sector.

Beyond protecting the country’s natural environment it will benefit to preserve Bhutan’s cultural heritage and traditional values.

The SDF will also ensure long-term economic goals which provides socio economic benefits to all stakeholders of Bhutan.

Are there any tourists who can be exempted from the SDF?

The SDF is applicable to all tourists. However, tourists from India(Regional tourist) will have to pay nominal fess of Nu.1200 per person per day.